rules & regulations

Airport Rules and Leasing Policies

In recognizing the necessity of protecting the public health, safety, and interest in the Oklahoma City-owned airports, and in order to foster, encourage, and insure the economic growth and orderly development of Aeronautical Activities, pursuant to Federal Aviation Administration requirements for federally obligated airports, the Oklahoma City Airport Trust has adopted the following:

minimum standards for aeronautical activities
and leasing of land and facilities
at oklahoma city airports

Minimum Standards are established to provide commercial operators at federally obligated airports uniform standards and requirements for persons or businesses engaged in one or more aeronautical activities at the airports.

WPA Aircraft Self-Fueling/Servicing Policy

Self-Fueling of aircraft is a privilege that is granted by the Trust to an Owner through a Fuel Agreement in certain designated areas of the Airports consistent with this Policy. The FARs, Grant Assurances, and Advisory Circulars of the Federal Aviation Administration do not require public airport operators to provide airport facilities and land for Self-Fueling Facilities, but only to provide for Self-Servicing Activities of aircraft on public airports. 

Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
Minimum Standards
WPA Aircraft Self-Fueling/Servicing Policy